Gatecrashing Knowledge18

What happened in Vegas, at ServiceNow’s Knowledge 18 Conference

Written by on May 16, 2018

Some of the most known names in the ITSM industry have called it already.

William Goddard called the campaign “very professional.”

Stephen Mann termed it an “indication of ambition.”

“They will remember FreshService in a positive light,” said Matthew Hooper.

Eric Tung was of the opinion that we ‘tastefully crashed’ Knowledge 18.

But what was it? What did we do?

Last week, ServiceNow’s massive annual conference, Knowledge 18 began, in Las Vegas.

And with it, our show.

The 18,000 attendees who descended on Vegas were probably not prepared for what we sent their way. From the minute they set foot in the airport, their eyes were besieged repeatedly by a series of messages from us at Freshservice. Right from the airport taxi lines to mobile and walking billboards outside the venue, Freshservice was in front of them.

We basically took over Vegas.


What we wanted to say with all of this was simple: you are paying too much for the product you are now using. You could be saving that money and using it for something else, something even more important, even something fun!

Even as we were running around the desert getting these things done, word filtered out to us from Knowledge 18 that attendees were unhappy. There were just a couple of places for them at the venue to get coffee and breakfast, and for the 18,000 attendees there, that just wasn’t enough.

So we jumped in and decided to help.

We commandeered the Starbucks outlet close to the venue and gave away free breakfast and coffee to whoever came by from Knowledge 18. Freshly brewed coffee and bagels for everyone – that sounds delicious, even if we say so ourselves.

Needless to say, a lot of people were delighted.

The surprises didn’t end there either. Unassuming attendees having dinner on conference evenings around Vegas found that their dinners had already been paid for, by Freshservice. Dinner done, ServiceNow customers left for their rooms with Freshservice goodie bags in their hands.

In all, we left a lot of ServiceNow customers very happy.

One of the reasons we did this was because of an idea that we were all thinking about at Freshservice: You simply shouldn’t be spending a huge chunk of money on business software, even as an enterprise. There are better uses for that money – a vacation, something for the kids, gifts for loved ones.

This is what we wanted to leave people with – Enterprise software doesn’t have to mean expensive software.

You want to splurge, sure, go ahead, but not on ITSM software. Spend on the good things in life.

For everything else, there’s Freshservice!

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