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Inbox Grader By Freshworks – Free Tool To Measure Your Business & Team Email

Written by on January 22, 2018

Earlier today, we launched Inbox Grader (beta), a free tool that brings insights to business and team email inboxes. Inbox Grader generates an insights report with metrics such as ‘Total emails received’, ‘Emails replied (or missed)’, ‘Average response time’, etc.

As they say, what gets measured gets improved. With Inbox Grader, businesses and teams using shared emails (sales@, support@, can now measure the growth in their emails, speed and quality of their response and improve them. They could also identify customers with high engagement and nurture them.

Inbox Grader

Inbox Grader also generates a video, ‘Year in Inbox – 2017’ that summarizes these metrics and can be shared with the team or customers.

So, why did we build Inbox Grader?

At Freshworks, Our mission is to build refreshing business software.  Running a small business, starting up is difficult. There are at least a thousand things that require your immediate attention any given second. We really understand that madness. We serve more than 100,000 small & medium businesses through our freshworks suite of products. A lot of SMBs and Startups use email to communicate with customers, investors and others during the initial days.  

For a long time now, we’ve been hearing about the following pain points about email communication while speaking to SMBs

  • Business have no idea about how many conversations happen daily  and the number of customers they are dealing with or missing out
  • In shared team mailboxes, measuring team’s performance or tracking accountability is chaos. Using labels to maintain who, what, where etc., adds clutter the inbox and there is no rolled up view to see the numbers
  • There is no way of prioritizing the emails based on past conversations or measuring the importance of a customer or a conversation

These restrictions in email forces businesses to cut corners and customers fall through cracks when that’s done. So, when we wanted to build few free tools that could help SMBs in their hyper growth phase, Inbox Grader was the first thing that hit our mind.

Inbox Grader is in beta now and there are still a lot of metrics to be covered (such as labels, setting up SLA, etc). We’re planning to add the following features in the upcoming weeks.

  • Metrics based on labels
  • Interactive date and time filter

Click here to try out the Inbox Grader and let us know if you like it. We’d love to hear your thoughts and add more data points that you’d want to see.

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