How Freshworks uses Freshmarketer

How the Freshworks marketing team uses Freshmarketer

Written by on June 1, 2018

Conversion rate optimization. This is not a word that’s thrown around that often and it’s not yet a common marketing function like advertising or content marketing.

And yet, just implementing a rudimentary form of it can increase your conversions manifold.

What is it then and why haven’t you been hearing about it that often? We don’t know, actually, and it’s part of the reason we are talking about it here.

As the name goes, CRO or conversion rate optimisation is a set of techniques for increasing your website conversions. Conversions may be sign-ups, registrations, orders or any action your visitors take on your website. Usually, a lot of marketing effort goes into getting more website traffic, but conversion optimization is about increasing conversions from the traffic you already have. Which is why it’s so underutilised, as well as extraordinarily valuable.

Conversion optimization tools are not as popular as support desks or CRMs because they aren’t business critical yet, and are seen as part of the marketing spend. According to this report by ConversionXL, more than 50% of respondents did not follow a conversion optimization process and even if they did, the process was never documented.

Lots of marketing teams already use heatmaps and A/B testing software, but most don’t make the best use of a fully integrated conversion optimization suite. This is because the current suites in the market lack a lot of features, hence leaving you to juggle multiple tools. As a result, you lose out on actionable insights that perhaps an all-in-one tool, armed with great insights can help you derive.

Here at Freshworks, a lot of the products, including Freshdesk, have been using Freshmarketer. Freshworks’ product teams (both vertical and horizontal) actively use Freshmarketer on a daily basis not only to increase conversion rates but also to make data-driven decisions instead of banking on assumptions.

Most marketing teams analyze page views, clicks, sign-ups, bounce rates and so on to track website performance. However, these metrics do not provide any input on how performance can be improved. How then can you figure out why all of your visitors are not converting?

At Freshworks, we don’t have this problem. Freshmarketer shows how your visitors interact with your website with tools like heatmaps and session replay, and helps optimise web pages with A/B testing and split URL testing.

Here are slightly more detailed dives into how Freshworks uses Freshmarketer.

Understanding visitor engagement and behavior

The marketing teams put in a lot of effort in bringing out effective and informative web pages to maximise conversions.

However, it is difficult to know what exactly makes a web page work or which element maximizes conversions.

Heat maps give a better understanding of visitor behavior and it’s also easier to know if they have clicked the desired call-to-action. With dynamic heat maps (in Freshmarketer), it is easy to track the visitor behavior of even moving elements on the website like sliders, drop-downs and so on. Also, please note that this is real-time tracking with no sampling of data; Freshworks’ marketing teams love this.

Freshmarketer - Heatmaps

Measuring conversions from each webpage

With every product website at Freshworks having multiple webpages like features, pricing and other resources pages, and with each of these pages having more than 3 or 4 sign up forms, tracking and attributing conversions to each web page was difficult. Moreover, not all the visitors who start filling the form complete them.

With the form analysis feature, our marketing teams tracked conversions from each page. They also tracked the abandon rate and even the fields that visitors hesitated to fill. These insights help in optimizing the sign-up forms so that more visitors actually completed them. The funnel analysis also helped in understanding the customer journey and finding web pages from which our customers were dropping off.

Freshmarketer - Form Analytics

A/B testing on different design ideas to find out what works

The central design team at Freshworks have been using the Freshmarketer A/B testing tool to test and analyse design templates with the objective of more conversions.  

For decisions speculating whether or not a landing page should have a double call-to-action or if the testimonial should be shown above or below the fold – and these are everyday arguments here at Freshworks – A/B testing helps immensely. Moreover, with Freshmarketer’s integrated heatmaps, there are heatmaps for every variation we create, and this helps teams make better decisions.

Freshmarketer A/B Testing

Providing a personalized experience to different target audience/visitor types

Personalized content that relates to each visitor personas/types drastically improves your conversion rates. All marketers know this. But implementing it is quite a long drawn out process. However, it’s also time-consuming to create multiple webpages for all the marketing campaigns that you run.

We don’t have to do all that at Freshworks. Marketers can make minor changes to their webpages and set the target audience by themselves, without having to create multiple web pages. Of all the features of Freshmarketer that we love, this sort-of takes the cake.

From the marketing team across all the Freshworks’ products to the central design team and the demand generation team, Freshmarketer’s tools like heat maps, A/B testing, and split URL testing have become an integral part of the process.

And that is the key to better conversions and better marketing: the process. If you and your team think of conversion optimization as a one-time fix, it will probably not give you the results you want. But if you are able to build CRO into your marketing process as we are trying to do, your ambitious marketing goals may not be out of reach at all.

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