Kicking off our Bangalore Office with a Bang!

Written by on September 20, 2018

With our most recent Series G funding of $100 million from our existing investors, Freshworks is now part of the prestigious Unicorn club; as the first Indian SaaS company on the list. With the companies eighth year around the corner, we have another first to share.

Freshworks is in Bangalore!

Freshworks has come a long way in the last 8 years since its inception. In 2010, it was just the founders, Girish and Shan with a six-member team, who launched Freshdesk – the first and flagship product. Over the years, Freshdesk unfurled its multi-product vision with the launch of its product suite – starting with Freshservice in 2014 and most recently announcing Freshworks 360, Freshconnect and Freshping.

As the company grew, we expanded our operations around the globe – in San Bruno, London, Berlin and most recently, Sydney. Back in Chennai where it all began, we’ve expanded so many times that we’ve lost count. It’s become an annual ritual for us to break down the walls of our current office, to accommodate our ever-growing Freshworks family. We began in a small 1000 sq. ft space; and today we are spread across multiple blocks and floors within a towering IT Park.

Looking ahead, it was only natural that we pinned Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, for our second expansion within the country.

With our new office in Bangalore, we are looking to strengthen our engineering team with concentrated expertise in three verticals – Platform Services, Data Science, and Site Reliability Engineering.

We are on the lookout for talent to join us on our journey in Bangalore, helping us build products and experiences that deliver moments of wow to our customers.

The culture that Freshworks fosters, really stands out. The spirit of entrepreneurship enables every employee to voice their views and take ownership of their work. Every department within our organization, be it Product, HR, Branding or the GTM; is always ideating and working on innovative projects. We are looking to replicate this culture and environment in the Bangalore office as well.

Our culture is something that we are very proud of and the most crucial aspect of every new expansion is replicating this culture – retaining the core values that are inherent to Freshworks, while adapting to the regional and cultural aspects of a new city.

We are quite stoked about Freshworks coming to Bangalore; and we hope you are ready for us! It’s time again for us to take a big leap and we could not be happier to jump into this exciting new phase of operations.

We have a lot of interesting events lined up for our Bangalore base, so do stick around and keep following us for more updates!

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